Minds In Motion

About Minds In Motion

The Minds in Motion Committee is composed of an eclectic group of results oriented people, committed to the creation of a premier fitness and community building event supporting the connection between physical and mental health.

Many of the committee have been touched by the experience of caring for a family member or acquaintance who has been facing mental health challenges. Others simply have been drawn into the planning process of this event with a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of those in our community who are in need of support.

The KW Walking Classic

The Minds in Motion KW Walking Classic (the Walk) is a premier event designed to showcase walking as a challenging athletic activity. It provides an opportunity for all walkers from recreational to competitive to participate in a walking only event. Traditionally walkers who wish to enter races find themselves with no other option but to share the course with runners. This event will give participants the opportunity to compete only against other walkers and to do so within a variety of age groups and abilities.

More importantly, the Walk supports those individuals who are facing mental health challenges and who are interested in becoming physically active. The link between physical health and mental health has been well documented. People who are active are more able to deal effectively with stress, depression and anxiety. The success of Waterloo Region's People in Motion campaign is an example of this. The program promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides an active fitness oriented experience for it's participants.

One barrier to physical activity that currently exists for many is the high cost of fitness 'gear'. The fund raising goal of the Minds in Motion event is to provide athletic footwear for those with mental health issues. The success of the inaugural 2008 event we have been able to fit over 500 pairs of shoes to our worthy athletes.  Donate to the Charity Now.

Another goal of the Minds in Motion walk is the building of understanding and a sense of community between all participants. People challenged with mental health issues often feel alienated from their community. The Walk helps to create a common sense of purpose and accomplishment and breaks down some of the stigma associated with mental illness.



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